The orthogonally translating (OT) organelle is a designer condensate that was originally generated for the specific translation of target mRNAs with unnatural amino acids.

While the organelle has been specifically designed to recruit target mRNA and a suppressor tRNA aminoacyltransferase, this module can be repurposed to recruit other clients.

The condensation effectors in this module consist of kinesin motor domains fused to sticky IDRs. The motor domains will dimerize and traffic along the microtubule cytoskeleton towards the cell periphery, where the increase in local concentration drives phase separation of the IDRs.

+ common molecular grammar of IDR
+ IDR subunit is highly tunable
+ subcellular localization (cell periphery)

- large constructs
- potential interference with endogenous processes depending on IDR or microtubule transport

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OT organelle sequences:

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